Thousands of people follow and love Erzsébet Fenevadová (Elizabeth “the Beast”) and her wisecracks on Facebook. According to, the book about the life of this special cat already passed the newest Harry Potter at the pre-order stage. But who is Erzsi?

Erzsébet Fenevadová, or Erzsi, is a beautiful and straightforward cat. She’s been one of the favourites of Hungarian Facebook user for years. She has a dirty mouth, she loves to talks politics, she is open about her private life and discusses the weekly public life happenings with her fans. Her fans can’t wait to read her wisecracks, remarks and wisdom every day. And now she even has a book about her life!

The cat is a Buda mistress. The book about her life was written by her “servant”, Gergely Homonnay, who posted the following: “My little Erzsi passed Harry Potter a few days after her book can be pre-ordered.”


The popular cat escaped one time, but, luckily, she was found. What’s the secret behind her success? Honesty and humour. Let’s see some of her posts and photos!

“Gergely took me to the “cat-vet” a month ago because I looked sorrowful. They examined me there, took my blood and it turned out that there was not a damn thing wrong with me. Still, I’ll never forget this!”


“The title of this piece of art: Pondering over the meaning of life. Digital technique, 2016. Put-up price: three pallets of natural Rio Mare. Kisses, Erzsi!”


“If the breakfast is late by two more minutes I swear I’ll pee in your bed, so you can write on Facebook ‘the beauty peed on the blanket’, just like you did last time.”


“Have you pre-ordered my book, which already passed Harry Potter on Libri’s bestseller list, or do I have to make a separate petition? Kisses, Erzsi!”


“Our life: Mrs. President and her servant
Kisses, Erzsi!”


“I’ll fire the weather or at least Gergely if he keeps ventilating. It’s so cold that my little furry butt is freezing! Kisses, Erzsi!”


“What an artistic photography! I think it should be on a gobelin! Kisses, Erzsi”


“Beside the red carpet at the opening ceremony of the Hotel Wardrobe Wellness Superior*****.
Fur coat: Creation of Mother Nature
Photo: Lilla Szabó
Catering: Gergely”



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