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Pristina, 2017. április 28. Magyar és amerikai katonák a pristinai Film City táborban 2017. április 28-án. A NATO koszovói missziójának (KFOR) mûveletébõl kivonuló Portugáliától a Magyar Honvédség vette át a harcászati tartalék zászlóalj vezetését. MTI Fotó: Ujvári Sándor

Budapest, May 16 (MTI) – Hungarian defence spending for developments is increasing by almost 100 billion forints (EUR 324m) next year, according to the daily Magyar Idők.

Fully 428 billion forints has been earmarked for defence in 2018, the equivalent of 1.05 percent of gross domestic product. This is up by 73.6 billion forints, or 21 percent, compared with the current year, the paper said on Tuesday, citing a defence ministry statement.

Development programmes include upgrading battlefield armaments and the personal gear of soldiers as well as further developing the volunteer reserves.

The ministry said handling migration pressure would remain a task of Hungary’s defence forces, and 25 billion forints has been set aside for related operations in 2018.

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Source: MTI

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