Budapest, March 22 (MTI) – The terrorist bombings in Brussels, Paris and Turkey show that the more uncontrolled arrivals are allowed in Europe, the greatest the dangers become, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said on Tuesday.

It must be clear now to all that the right response is not “to open the gates even wider” but to “protect ourselves” and put an end to “insane policies” allowing uncontrolled entrants, he told a press conference.

In response to a question, Szijjártó stressed the need to up the fight against the Islamic State and as long as a breakthrough against the terrorist organisation is not achieved, attacks similar to the ones in Brussels may happen.

The minister said the Hungarians injured in Tuesday’s bombings are in good condition. He advised all Hungarians not to travel to Brussels where he said the situation was serious. He added that a planned government delegation visit for Wednesday has been cancelled.

In the meantime, Brussels Airlines announced that it has cancelled all Wednesday flights between Budapest and Brussels, Budapest Airport spokesman Mihály Hardy said.

Photo: MTI


  1. There can be NO DOUBT whatsoever that the utterly INSANE policies of Ms. Merkel (implemented by the Pink Poodles in Brussels, which has just experienced the extreme wrath of Islamic fools and murderers) has caused irreparable damage to the social and economic structure of Europe.

    Now that it has been CLEARLY demonstrated that the ARABIC murderers entered Europe last year with so-called ‘refugees’ from Syria (and other countries in the Middle East), it is ESSENTIAL that NO FURTHER ‘refugees’ are allowed into Europe – UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES !!!


  2. From a Canadian journalist_uk based__the present so_called refugee stream is a mess and basicaly arabic..they refuse to intergrate and bring their bigotery..and social moronics with them. Now we wait for 400..500000 thousand north african etc.from libya as the weather gets better and the balkan borders hold the line. Europe is paying for german paranoia over ww2. Merkel is europes biggest danger along with the mindless.useless parasites of brussels. Hungary got it right and was cursed for it but Victor Orban held the line and the rest woke up!! Ps. Given the dictator of turkey..erdogan..moronics against the press and the kurds..they now have a good case for claiming political asylum!! There’s only 20 million of them!!

  3. I knew that the President of Hungary would finally make the left-wing idiots in the EU wake-up. He was the only one with the courage to stand-up to migrant loving fools. If the British don’t vote for Britex, I will seriously consider moving to a country that holds to their christian history and culture. I wish Britain had someone who was as strong Victor Orban. Good luck and thank you Hungary for your leadership in Europe.

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