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Daily News Hungary

Budapest, May 25 (MTI) – Hungary’s future lies in strong families which constitute a cornerstone of society, a lawmaker of the Fidesz-allied Christian Democrats said on Thursday, hailing the international family summit held in Budapest.

Europe is at a crucial crossroads to choose between the cultures of “life and death”, István Hollik told a press conference, stating support by the ruling parties for families and children.

Hollik criticised the Hungarian left for supporting policies that aim to resolve the demographic crisis through migration, and that weaken families and nations. He also criticised Hungary’s previous left-wing governments for scrapping tax benefits for families and burdening them with austerity packages and tax increases.

He said that the governing parties aim to achieve a sustainable “demographic upswing” in Hungary by broadening family support measures and earmarking increased allocations for the purpose in next year’s central budget.


These measures include increasing tax benefits for families raising two children, extending resources for the family home building schemes, funding more free school meals and free textbooks in more grades, he said, noting further tax cuts and wage increases are planned to keep more income in Hungarian family pockets.

Source: MTI

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