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Budapest, January 12 (MTI) – It is not likely that the influx of migrants into Europe will ease in 2016, with the continent probably receiving more migrants in the year ahead, government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said in a discussion with Gyorgy Bakondi, the prime minister’s chief domestic security advisor, on illegal migration on Tuesday.

Bakondi said neither bad weather nor the European Union’s deal with Turkey to help cut the flow of migrants in exchange for EU money has deterred migrants from making the journey to Europe, with thousands of people arriving on the continent on a daily basis.

They noted that Germany’s development minister, Gerd Mueller, said recently that Europe can expect “8 to 10 million” more migrants in the future. Bakondi noted that estimates from Germany’s police force and secret service indicate that for every thousand migrants who arrived in Europe, one trained terrorist could also have made their way in. This would mean that more than 1,000 terrorists managed to sneak into Germany last year.

Bakondi said Europe has still not implemented the most important step to prevent terrorism, which he said was stopping the influx of illegal migrants altogether on its border. Once this preventive measure is put in place, Europe can begin admitting people whose identities and origins are known. He said last November’s terrorist attacks in Paris made it clear that organised terrorism is present in Europe, meaning that the fight against terrorism will remain a key issue in 2016.

Kovacs, referring to the mass attacks on women in Cologne and other German cities on New Year’s Eve, said the incidents could indicate a new form of coordinated attacks for which police and intelligence agencies must be on the lookout in the future.

On the subject of an article which appeared in The New York Times claiming that a Syrian refugee woman was “beaten unconscious in a Hungarian prison” by a guard “after refusing his advances”, Kovacs said the writer of the article was “unaware” of the facts when it comes to criminal procedures against migrants who cross Hungary’s border illegally. He said illegal entrants are held in camps and not prison, adding that criminals convicted in a court of law, such as convicted people smugglers, are the ones who are imprisoned.

Kovacs said that if The New York Times fails to issue a correction for the article or allow the Hungarian government to “respond to the accusation”, the government will take legal action against the paper.

The spokesman said the government is “concerned” that the EU is using procedures against Poland as “political tools” which he said “should be reserved for entirely different cases”. He said the rule of law procedure initiated against Poland are “reminiscent of the procedures launched against Hungary earlier”. Kovacs said Hungary “will not assist in” any procedures against Poland.

Photo: MTI


  1. hello i am said from Afg and i am here in de detencion center bekescsaba and there is aalote of afghani and syria and pakistani bangali and the peolpe are here for 6month and the imigration are keep giving to him 2month if 2month is finish so then thay are giveing to him two month
    is there any one to aske for our right we are not teresrest we are not criminal why thay are puting us in the detenction center like jail

  2. Said, “you are criminal to come to our country illegal, You came through several socalled “safe countries! You don’t have the right to be in our country in the first place by UN law. You should be deported asap.

    I get tired of people like you, demanding all kinds of special treatments and rights, living on our taxmoney, while our own old and sick lack normal medical help and such.

    We Hungarians have the human right (UN) to live in our own country among our own and with our own culture! The majority of Hungarians don’t want third world immigrants and a socalled multi cultural society. You people are not compatible with us in Europe! We don’t want third world immigrants mess up our society, like what is happening all over Western Europe!

    Go back!

  3. If your in a detention center then you have perform something illegal, like scale a barbed fence and ignored the signs written in English which is what where communicating with right now you dumb [email protected] Next time present yourself at the border properly or you’ll spend your entire life in jail or just stay back from where you came from if you expect to cheat us White Folk.

  4. @said,
    You and your bunch invaded and crossed many countries to get to where you are. Therefore you ARE criminals! You probably refused to identify yourselves in those other countries too, until you were captured and even then. Therefore you ARE criminals! You probably traveled and spent a large bank roll of money doing it too while demanding refugee status when you could have paid yourselves, unlike my refugee parents. Therefore you ARE criminals! Your bunch pushed your way into Germany and Sweden, a haven, and then started again demanding your rights. You have NONE! Very many of you abused the countries by raping their women and thievery! Therefore you ARE criminals!
    When YOU guys get out of the Slammer, make sure you go back to where you all came from. Me and MY brothers in these states are waiting for you with shovels!

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