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Budapest July 4 (MTI) – The Visegrad Group is stronger than ever and recent challenges have only served to forge firmer cooperation, a government official said at an event celebrating the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the V4 grouping (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia).

“We have faced a series of challenges over the past 25 years, and it has become apparent that a friend in need is a friend indeed,” László Szabó, state secretary at the foreign ministry, said at the event coinciding with the opening of the Antall József Summer School.

Commenting on the European Union, he said the main question was not about “more Europe or less Europe, but about a better Europe, and the Visegrad grouping can help in this.”

The V4 countries are connected by similar values, and the world takes countries more seriously when they unite, making it easier to build relationships with bigger countries, he said.

After the opening, a round-table discussion named “The perspectives of the Visegrad cooperation after 25 years” will be held. Participants include former Polish prime minister Hanna Suchocka, former Slovak prime minister Mikulas Dzurinda, former Czech foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg and former Hungarian foreign minister Janos Martonyi.

Source: MTI

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