Budapest, August 24 (MTI) – No threat of an epidemic in Hungary connected with the influx of migrants has arisen and there is no evidence they are spreading pathogens, said Hungary’s health authority (ANTSZ).

There is nevertheless an epidemiological issue, given that the health status of the migrants is unknown and different health regulations apply in their country of origin, ANTSZ told public news channel M1 on Monday, adding that the Hungarian population is safe, largely thanks to the high rate of vaccination.

The migrants are usually infected with syphilis, hepatitis (B or C), or HIV virus, but these illnesses are transmitted sexually or through blood, so close contact is necessary for someone to get infected. The volunteers helping the immigrants are not in danger if they adhere to regulations and use appropriate protective gear as well as washing their hands with disinfectant, the authority added.

It is difficult to examine the migrants, it noted. The ANTSZ is legally obliged to screen asylum-seekers. So far only 500 people, a fraction of the 14,000 migrants who have been called in, have shown up. Moreover, later they “disappear” as well, so the idea of holding them during the examinations somewhere they cannot leave is worth considering, the ANTSZ added.


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