Hungary’s State Audit Office (ÁSZ) has found “serious irregularities” in the management of five hospitals across Hungary, ÁSZ’s PR department announced on Thursday.

ÁSZ’s audits revealed irregularities in the financial and asset management, as well as in the internal control mechanisms of the hospitals inspected.

The audits were targeted at hospitals in Berettyóújfalu, Hatvan, Mosonmagyaróvár, Sopron and Szekszárd, and covered the 2014-2016 period. According to the authority, none of the hospitals had control systems in place “in proportion with the risk of corruption”.

The hospitals surveyed did not have organisational rules of their own, nor were their accounting policies and invoicing practices in line with effective regulations, which prevents transparency of the utilisation of public funds, ÁSZ officials told a press conference.

ÁSZ has compiled five recommendations, while the hospitals have until 30 days to come up with an action plan to fix their deficiencies.

As we wrote last week, every nurse quit their job at the intensive care unit of the Magyar Imre Hospital in Ajka. They resigned during the summer, the last of them at the beginning of August. A well-informed source wanting to remain anonymous claims that the quitting nurses were ordered for the maximal period of notice, so they will leave at the end of September – their replacement must be taken care of by then, read more HERE.

Source: MTI

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