Mild winter

Hungary – Presumably, this year’s white Christmas will remain an unfulfilled desire for those living in Hungary. Furthermore, we can even put aside our boots and coats for the forthcoming months – reported Hungarian news portal Blikk.

After the surprisingly warm autumn, record-breaking temperatures are expected for the upcoming winter as well. This year’s winter is expected to be the warmest winter ever, based on the latest forecasts of the US Meteorological Office, reported the German Bild.

Over the last few years, mild winters have been experienced not only in Hungary but all over Europe. According to Andrea Kircsi Bíróné – climate expert of the Hungarian Meteorological Service – “winter is becoming warmer year by year; however, temperature fluctuation shows great differences each year. Between 1901 and 2018, the average winter temperature increased by 1°C,” added the expert, who said that this phenomenon can be explained by February’s mildness.

We should not forget about the benefits of mild winter – just think of our wallets, it enables us to spend less on heating. On the other hand, it might have destructive effects on our health.

Ferenc Pintér, Director of Clinic Meteo, previously reported to Blikk that “in the case of mild weather, there is a risk factor for our health as our body needs to adapt itself to the cold winter within a short period. This might cause difficulties to the human body,” commented the expert. He also added that “according to the latest research, 30% of Hungary’s population suffers from weather changes, and this number is expected to increase in the future.”

Mild winter causes serious damages in agriculture as well, reported dr. Lajos Aponyi, Secretary of the Hungarian Medical Chamber of Plant Protection Engineers, according to whom high temperature fluctuation can be considered as the biggest problem in the last few years.

Within the last few years, January 2017 was the coldest winter since 1901, when Hungary’s lakes and rivers were frozen due to the long-standing minuses. However, January 2018 was the sixth warmest winter with mild weather. That year, winter arrived at the end of February, beginning of March, accompanied by countrywide snowing, reported the expert, adding that “European forecasts also confirm that this year’s winter will be milder than the average.”


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