Budapest winter weather

In the snowfall, each landscape changes; however, this opens new opportunities and offers new programs for visitors.

Child-friendly chairlift in Eplény

The landscape in and near Eplény is absolutely beautiful during winter; thus, it is not only worth visiting for the biggest ski centre in the country. In the nature trail of Ámos Hill, there are no steep slopes or huge distances, so it is child-friendly and visitable even during winter. Furthermore, halfway there is a chairlift with which everybody can reach the hill peak in 20 minutes, and there is enough space on them even for a family.

Moreover, the bottom of the ski slopes can be reached by car as well. Adults (pensioners and students, too) may buy tickets for 5 EUR; the family ticket for 4 persons is 15 EUR. From the lookout on the hill, even Lake Balaton can be seen, and there is a declivous path to the nearby village. The price for the student ski run is 10 EUR while a daily ticket costs 31 EUR at the weekends and 28 EUR on weekdays.

winter places to visit in Hungary
The landscape in Eplény

The so-called lawras of Orthodox monks and winter panorama in Tihany (Lake Balaton)

Many think that there is nothing to see near Lake Balaton during winter time; however, even though bathing in the water is not advised for the most part this time of the year, the things one can visit do not move. For example, the lawras (cave apartments) of the Orthodox monks can be visited even if there is snow. The landscape is beautiful throughout the whole trip; you can see either the lake or the peninsula, and it lasts only 2.5 hours, even at a moderate pace.

winter Hungary things to do
A lawra in Tihany Photo:

You can read about how you can eat traditional meals in Tihany HERE.

Canoe trip in Hévíz

Hévíz is always a good place to visit since the vapour layer over the lake protects it from cooling so people can bathe in it even during winter. However, one can take part in a canoe trip on Hévíz creek which lasts three hours and ends with drinking tea and mulled wine.

Hungary places to visit winter
Hévíz is a good choice even in winter. Photo:

The frozen waterfall and the caves of Lillafüred

The waterfall of Szinva creek is frozen if the temperature is low enough, and there are many caves in the neighbourhood. For example, the Anna Cave (also called Petőfi Cave) is a natural limestone cave near the waterfall, and it is unique in Europe. It was discovered in 1833, and it was used as a church and a shelter as well. Tours start every day even during winter; a ticket costs 4 EUR.

The István Cave is another limestone cave which is also open during winter, and tours start at 9 am and 2 pm every day. The ticket for them costs 4 EUR.

Hungary visit places in winter
Lillafüred Photo:

Children’s railway, chairlift and pastry in Normafa

The narrow gauge railway line in Budapest connects Széchényi Hill and Hűvösvölgy and is 11.2 kilometres (7.0 mi) long. Tickets for adults cost 3 EUR, whereas students can buy them for 2 EUR. The tickets are inspected by children. Furthermore, they tell you when it is worth turning your head to the left or to the right. The pastry on Normafa is very delicious, and you can have it your way since there are many fillings. You can also have a perfect field trip to the Elisabeth lookout tower from where you can come back with the chairlift.

winter Hungary things to do
If you are in Budapest, you should definitely try a trip to Normafa. Photo:

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