The police have arrested a drug dealer in Budapest a couple of days ago, reports The 23-year-old man has been selling drugs on a daily basis in Budapest, which the police have found out.

Márió O., age 23, was sitting with a small company at the front of a tobacco shop, when the police arrived and arrested them, on the 29th of August. Márió was a regular dealer in Budapest, selling drugs on a daily basis. Eventually, the authorities have found out about this.

The criminal in question was sitting with three other men in front of a tobacco shop in the 8th district. The arrest at Déri Miksa street looks just like a scene from an action movie.

Suddenly, several policemen showed up (at least eight, as it is seen in the video), and pushed all four men to the ground. The police have found 7 grams of drugs on Márió at the scene. Afterwards, the police conducted a house-search, where they’ve found a balance, cash, and chemicals used for the production of drugs. The biggest catch at the dealer’s home was 42.8 grams of a drug-like substance mixed with tobacco, and 1.8 grams of a drug-like white powder which had a sour smell.

featured image: PoliceHungary / YouTube

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