Budapest accident
Photo: MTI/Mihádák Zoltán

Gábor Bronz, the husband of the woman who was killed by a man committing suicide on 31 July in Budapest, talks about his family and the circumstances of the accident.

As we wrote in this article, a 41-year-old woman was crushed by a man committing suicide in Budapest’s district 11 on 31 July. The man jumped out of the window of his apartment on the 14th floor and fell on the woman who was taking her children to a nearby playground.

A few days after the tragedy, Gábor Bronz, husband of Erzsébet, gave an interview to Bors. They were a family of four: the couple lived a happy life with their two kids, Márton (3 years) and Boglárka (few months old). They also have a close relationship with the grandparents.

As Gábor described the accident, Erzsébet and the two children were already outside of the building, on their way to a playground, and he had promised to catch up with them a few minutes later. When he left the building, he immediately saw what had happened:

the man committing suicide fell 40 metres, which had the same effect on the woman as if she had got run over by a freight train running at 150 km/h.

Boglárka, the daughter who was in a stroller, only got minor injuries and was shortly released from the hospital under the supervision of her grandparents. According to Bors, she was still breastfed when the accident happened, but thanks to a generous mother, they will not have to start giving her formula milk.

For a couple of days after the accident, Gábor felt as if he was dead, too. He does not consider himself a religious person, but he even made a Biblical reference:

“Just like Jesus, I had a resurrection after three days. I realised that I must hold up as a father and bring up my children. Nothing else matters.”

The children are very young and are not yet aware of the loss of their mother. Márton, the son who is already three years old, was told that his mother got seriously injured and was taken to hospital. Gábor said that later he would tell him the truth with the help of a psychologist.

A series of coincidences

The accident happened just after the family had spent two weeks at home due to COVID-19 regulations. The family had been visiting relatives in Romania and therefore had to stay in quarantine after they came back home. The victim, Erzsébet, is originally from Transylvania, but had been living in Hungary since she was 16 years old.

The husband said that they had also been planning to move to a new house, but they had to postpone their plans due to COVID-19. He thinks that this accident was the outcome of “a series of coincidences”.

When the family was asked if they were angry at the man who killed himself, the grandfather said that

“We do not feel at all sorry for him, we think that he is a very weak man. A man must handle his sorrow!”


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