Budapest accident
Photo: MTI/Mihádák Zoltán

A man jumped out of a panel building and fell on a woman who was pushing her baby in a stroller. The tragedy happened in Budapest’s District 11.

According to the police, the man jumped out of the 14th floor with suicidal intent and fell on a woman who was taking a walk with her family.

Both the 41-year-old woman and the 42-year-old man suffered such severe injuries that none of them could be saved.

As 24 reports, the woman’s husband got shocked. He and the older child were not injured; the younger, half-year-old baby in the stroller was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. 

According to Blikk, the mother lived on the 12th floor of the house. According to a resident of the house, the family lived a beautiful life, “Erzsike was the cutest neighbour”. She had just arrived home with her two children and her husband when the tragedy happened.

Budapest Police Headquarters launched criminal proceedings for negligent homicide.

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