Budapest murder
Image: MTI/Mihádák Zoltán

A 25-year-old Hungarian man was stabbed to death on tram 28 in Budapest’s 8th district. The homicide case happened at Orczy square after the three-member-group started to pick a fight with the victim. According to an eyewitness, the young man wanted to defend his puppy.

As the Hungarian news portal Index reports,

the 25-year-old victim, Gábor was going home with his small dog and 24-year-old friend Márk when the three perpetrators (two men and a woman) attacked him.

“The whole situation happened within a minute, between two stops. As the three persons got on the tram, they targeted Gábor and started to poke his dog” – said the victim’s friend, Márk.

“Gábor asked them to leave him in peace, then one of them pushed him and spat on him. When I rose to protect my friend, they hit me; then one of them pulled a knife and stuck it into Gábor. I tried to help him, Gábor said he was very thirsty, cannot breathe and will die…”

Mark tried to clamp the bleeding, but he couldn’t save Gábor’s life; his best friend died in his arms.

The victim’s small dog, Pepsi got so frightened that he ran away from the scene, but has been found since then.

MEG VAN PEPSI!! ❤️🐾Kedves Kőbányaiak!Egy sajnálatos eset miatt kérünk mindenkit, hogy figyeljen hátha felbukkan a…

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Gábor’s parents, who live in Ireland, are on their way to Budapest.

The police caught the offenders twenty minutes later.

Budapest Prosecutor’s Office suggested the arrest of the two suspects in homicide – a 43 and a 38-year-old man; and the criminal supervision of the third accomplice, a 29-year-old woman – who had been interrogated with the well-founded suspicion of complicity in manslaughter.

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  1. People like this should volunteer with corona patients without protecting gear.

  2. Unfortunately, the countries in the EU do not take out the garbage. There is no death penalty for murder. A sentence for murder is usually between 8-12 years for the victims lifetime. They consider themselves civilized. When people can’t differentiate between murder and capital punishment for murder you know they have lost their moral compass.

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