Hungary car accident insrance
MTI/Donka Ferenc

50 pc of the trolley bus drivers and every third of the buses carrying more than 80 passengers caused an accident in which they were guilty. This rate is 20 pc in the case of the lorry drivers, but they caused average damage worth almost 1.5 million HUF (EUR 4,500).

Based on the latest data of the Central Bank of Hungary, the bigger a vehicle is, the more careless its driver is – reported. They analysed the data of the damages in 2019 covered by compulsory insurance. Hungarian companies had 5.5 million such contracts last year, which means a 236 thousand rise compared to 2018. The sum the insurance companies paid because on the reparation of the damages caused reached

Ninety-four billion HUF (EUR 270.85 million) which is a historical record.

The average sum paid after damage rose to 576 thousand HUF (1,700), which is also a peak.

The number of events rose by 5.5 thousand between 2018 and 2019 and reached 163,529 last year. Despite this horrible number, this is still not the highest one since before 2007 more accidents happen in almost every year. For example, in 2006, their number was 192 thousand.

The reason why the average sum paid by the insurance companies rose is not only the increasing amount of money services demand for repairs but also the weak HUF compared to the EUR. Meanwhile, more people use their cars because of the improving economic environment.

The number of cars having an insurance claim decreased

compared to 2018 from 3.26 pc to 3.21 pc. Interestingly, those cars cause more accidents that have a higher performance. An average car caused 523 thousand HUF (EUR 1,600) damage. Regularly, scooters do not cause high-value damages, but the higher their performance is the more expensive harm they do; like in the case of the cars. Sadly, there can be hundreds of thousands of scooters not having insurance which can be very dangerous in case of an expensive accident.

The black sheep of the compulsory insurance system are the vehicles of public transportation in Budapest. For example, 50 pc of the trolleys caused harm for which the insurance companies had to pay. The average sum of these was 337 thousand HUF (EUR 1,000). The reason is that

they circulate in downtown where the place to manoeuvre is limited

due to the many cars parking on the streets. The sum is much higher, almost 4,500 EUR in the case of the smaller buses (having 20-79 seats).

Lorries are the most dangerous vehicles in the highways, and the average damage they cause is worth 700 thousand – 1.5 million HUF (EUR 2,000-4,500).


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  1. This might be an interesting article but the syntax is so mangled and the text littered with words incorrectly used within the context, that it is hard to understand what the author is saying. Alas this is par for the course with this particular author. For instance, is he saying that 50% of trolley buses are involved in accidents, or is he saying that of accidents involving trolley buses, 50% are due to driver error?

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