In general car insurance is the one that helps the car owner to claim amount in the occasion of any accidents or some other damage. But the actual truth behind car insurance is “Use it or lose it”. In order to get the insurance, it’s mandatory to pay a yearly premium. In case you haven’t met any accident then you will lose the amount that you paid a premium. 

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Alternatively, if you didn’t claim any amount then you will be provided with “No Claim Bonus”. It is actually the important one you will get 20 % in the initial and 50% in the sixth year. That is why it is always recommended to not apply car insurance for minor things. Under car insurance a lot more types will come in that Car Insurance Depreciation Shield Cover is a notable one you should aware of.

What is Car Insurance Depreciation Shield Cover?

At present car insurance become a compulsory one. It has been proposed by the government alone. When comes to buy car insurance online there are so many types so you all get confused a lot. Also in the middle of fraud insurance policies, you are required to select the best. 

If you failed then you alone stuck in a hurdle. 

As given prior, car insurance will protect your four-wheeler from all the damage and accidents. The damage may come in any way includes natural disasters, fire accidents, road accidents and many more. You never know when flood and other natural calamities will come so it’s great to have car insurance.

It will safeguard your car from damage made by humans as well. You can cover parts changes and other repair expenditure as well. You are able to take insurance for your closed ones to protect them too. 

Why Zero Depreciation cover?

Amongst so many car insurances zero depreciation is one.  

You all should understand though you have car insurance you can’t able to ripe as such benefit from that.

In case it takes Rs.1 lakh for car repair then the general car insurance offers only Rs.70, 000. Here the leftover ought to pay by you. In such case zero depreciation helps you. If you make use of this depreciation then you can sidestep from paying lofty of the amount. Plus it means a lot in facilitating financial things. 

Notable factors you want to before choosing zero depreciation cover:

If you go with zero depreciation cover then you can witness a high amount claim than the general car insurance policy. 

You want to make sure that how many times you can claim the amount from the insurer.

Why means? As in general zero depreciation shield will provide claim only for constrained times. This is all because to stop insurance claim even for the minor issues and repairs. 

You ought to choose zero depreciation on 2nd year from you brought the car so then alone you will get so many numbers of supremacies. There are so many insurance companies so it is not even a matter to buy car insurance online. 

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