In 2018, for 1 million inhabitants, 64 road accident fatalities were registered in Hungary. With this, Hungary has got the European Union’s sixth deadliest road network. Additionally, differences between the member states are huge – in our country, proportionally 2.3 times more people died in road accidents last year than in the UK, which can be found at the positive end of the list.

In 2018, 25 thousand road accident fatalities were registered in the European Union, which means on average 49 per 1 million inhabitants had car accidents that resulted in death – shown by the data of the European Commission.

As describes, Hungary occupies an extremely negative ranking on the overall EU list – concerning the number of deaths on the roads, the Hungarian road network is the 6th deadliest in the EU. Accordingly, for 1 million inhabitants, 64 road accident fatalities were registered, which is 15 people more than the EU average.

At the negative side of the list, five countries can be found before Hungary. The list indicates that the most dangerous country is Romania, where almost 100 (96) out of 1 million people die in road accidents; however, the situation is not much better in Bulgaria either, where 88 deaths were registered for 1 million inhabitants. The third most dangerous country was Croatia, with 77 deaths per 1 million people, while in Poland, this amount was 76.

The EU list reveals that the United Kingdom is the safest country, where 28 deaths were caused by road accidents per 1 million inhabitants; followed by Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Sweden with 31 and 32 fatalities.

This also means that proportionally – based on the number of deaths – in Hungary, the amount of people who die in road accidents is more than twice (2.3 times) than in the safest EU country.

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