IKEA, furniture, store
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IKEA announced its 2020 plans for the Hungarian market in a press release according to which they plan on opening four non-branded pickup spots in the countryside and building a self-service package pickup point at the IKEA at Örs Vezér Square. All of these are part of the retailer’s Second Chance program.

IKEA’s turnover in Hungary increased by 20.5% last year, amounting to 90.3 billion Forints, hvg reports. The Swedish retailer has three stores in Hungary, which registered over 6.7 million visitors in 2019, out of which 3.5 million actually made a purchase.

Second Chance

The fact that IKEA plans to launch a service taking back and reselling used furniture has been known for a while. IKEA hinted at starting its Second Chance program in Hungary at the very beginning of last year.

IKEA, furniture, store
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The ‘IKEA Second Chance’ program has been established to take back no-longer-used pieces of furniture from individuals and, in return, everyone gets a gift card which can be used in every IKEA store. IKEA only takes back furniture in good condition to resell it again at a lower price.

IKEA, furniture, store
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Plans for 2020

IKEA plans to establish the four non-branded pickup spots in Pécs, Veszprém, Kecskemét, and Debrecen. The Swedish retailer hopes this will boost the company’s presence in the countryside.

The self-service package pickup point, which will be established at the chain’s store at Örs Vezér Square, will supposedly feature lockers (in six different sizes), where customers would be able to pick up products they had previously ordered.

Mounia El Hilali, the CEO & CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) of IKEA for the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, said:

“We are still working on expanding and creating services in a way that makes us available for as many people as possible. In order to satisfy the current needs of our customers, we are undertaking the greatest transformation in the history of IKEA.”

Source: www.hvg.hu

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  1. Wouldn’t it be beneficial for IKEA to open another store in the western part of Hungary at Lake Balaton ?

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