Budapest, January 13 (MTI) – The proportion of highly qualified young people is much higher among immigrants than among Hungarians in the country, the daily Magyar Nemzet said on Wednesday, citing figures by the Central Statistical Office.

The survey was of non-EU immigrants who have settled in Hungary over the past few years.

The proportion of graduates among the immigrants surveyed was 2.5-times higher than among Hungarians. Moreover, every fifth immigrant with a degree held a job that does not require such a high-level qualification, the paper said.

There are far more male immigrants than female ones, and the men are much more economically active. The preponderance of female immigrants in the workforce in the 15-54 age group is well below the proportion of Hungarian women in that group.

Data show that the majority of immigrants are first generation: 86 percent of the whole sample were born outside Hungary. Some 38 percent of respondents arrived in Hungary less than five years ago and a quarter arrived only in the past one or two years. At the same time, 43 percent have been in Hungary for more than a decade.


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