Budapest, October 12 (MTI) – Hungary received illegal migrants from 74 countries in July and August, while the number of asylum requests filed during that period rose by roughly fifty percent, the Monday issue of the daily Magyar Hirlap said based on data from the immigration office.

Hungary’s immigration office (BAH) said that a total of 31,287 asylum applications were submitted in July compared with the 47,094 filed in August. Out of the 74 countries of origin, eight are in Europe, 38 in Africa, 22 in Asia, five in the Americas and one is in Oceania. The home countries of some 600 people registered in the period remain unknown, the paper said.

BAH data indicated that migrants from Cameroon are now also on their way to Europe on the western Balkans route, with 102 migrants arriving from that country in July and 141 in August. The number of migrants from Nigeria and Senegal doubled from July to August, while the number of migrants from the Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Sudan decreased, the paper said.

Magyar Hirlap said the majority of migrants arriving in Hungary over the period declared themselves to be Syrian, with 12,475 migrants arriving from that country in July and 23,130 in August. A total of 10,437 people registered in August claimed to be from Afghanistan, while 6,136 migrants arrived from Pakistan. Over the two months, the number of migrants from Bangladesh more than doubled, the number of Iraqis increased by about one-third while the number of Pakistanis rose by 62 percent, the paper said.

Photo: MTI


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