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SaaS stands for ‘Software as a Service’ which is a software licensing and delivery model wherein the software is licensed on a subscription basis and in most cases is centrally hosted by the SaaS company. SaaS was formerly known as ‘software plus services’ and is also referred to as ‘on-demand software’.

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SaaS applications are considered to be a part of cloud computing systems or software.

SaaS applications are accessed by users through the internet via a network system known as a thin client. This is the concept that cloud-computing works on, where your application is accessed online which is connected to a server that held and run by the SaaS company.

This allows you to access the application remotely with only the need for an internet connection and an electronic device. These servers also store data so you don’t have to worry about data storage and security.

SaaS has become the delivery model for many business apps, which includes office, messaging, payroll processing, management, CAD, development, and DBMS software.

Delivery models also include gamification, virtualization, collaboration, accounting, customer relationship management, management information systems, enterprise resource planning, human resource planning, invoicing, talent acquisition, learning management systems, content management, geographic information systems, and service desk management. 

SaaS has been adopted by almost all the top enterprise software companies, and new types of SaaS models are being conceptualized every year.

Types of SaaS Application Software

Since SaaS applications are used through the internet, SaaS doesn’t require users to install the application as on-premises software, which means users do not have to download and install software on their personal computers. This also eliminates the need for a user to update the software as it is done on the website by the SaaS company.

Apart from software maintenance, SaaS agencies manage applications, runtime, data, middleware, virtualization, operating system, storage, servers, networking and more. This allows businesses to streamline these aspects instead of trying to manage them on their own.

There is a wide range in the types of applications that are available on the cloud. Some popular software as a service examples are Slack, Concur, Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox and Salesforce.

Here are some different fields in SaaS software types that can benefit your business:

  • Email Marketing – This type of SaaS software can help automate your emails, optimizing your text marketing strategies.
  • Accounting – SaaS can help organize and secure your financial data. Users can track their business accounts with ease and ensure all their books are in order.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – This software helps users manage customer data, track customer interactions, as well as collate business information and automate sales.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – ERP software integrates various business processes into one comprehensive system. This improves efficiency and accessibility as well as optimize information sharing and gathering.
  • Project Management – This type of software helps users plan projects, set budgets, allocate resources, manage production schedules and deadlines in order to complete projects within the given time.

Other types of SaaS software include billing and invoicing, collaboration, web-hosting, and human resource management. With all these types of SaaS applications available, you can pick which type of software application your business can benefit from having.

More About Collaborative Software

Collaboration software is a type of business application that enables the team members of a business to work together on their projects.

Collaborative apps typically consist of tools that provide a platform for communication, document sharing, conferencing, as well as real-time assistance by the SaaS companies experts if in case there is a glitch or the application needs a tune-up.

Through the use of Collaboration software, companies and their employees can work together effectively and ensure everyone is on the same page, resulting in money and time saved.

If you are seeking a good collaboration software for your company’s requirements, check out GoToMeeting. This application offers a plethora of collaborative tools and can help your business grow and function efficiently.

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