Many people are unaware of the fact that several incredible music videos were shot in Hungary, for foreign and Hungarian bands alike. collected five of these to show some less known locations in Hungary.

Belau ft. Hegyi Dóri: Island of Promise
Location: Kisoroszi, director: Attila Damokos. The one-man band Belau has just released its first song, the Island of Promise, which also has a music video. The final product was so great that it received the jury’s Special Award on the Magyar Klipszemle (gives awards for the best Hungarian music videos in several categories). The song comes up in the new HBO series Aranyélet (Golden Life), it’s constantly played by several radio stations, and received positive feedback from many foreign music sites.

Our Youth: Oak Tree
Location: Lake Bokodi, director: Örs Koblicska. Our Youth is a melodic rock band from Budapest, and the song Oak Tree is on their EP “West-Cap” that was released in 2013. The band has performed several times in Hungary, and this specific song has a music video with a northern atmosphere.

Turbo – Nebulosus
Location: a sand mine in Fót, director: Péter Hencz. Turbo was formed in 2005 and mixes the styles grunge, progressive rock, and garage. The band did not only play at several Hungarian festivals, but performed many times abroad as well. They also received the Fonogram award in the category of best Hungarian modern pop-rock album of the year. The music video for Nebulosos was released in 2012.

ZAGAR – Dream of A Machine
Location: Kismaros and Börzsöny, director: Áron Szabó. Zagar was formed in 2001 and it’s one of the most successful electronic bands in Hungary. They have four albums so far: Local Broadcast (2002) Szezon/Eastern Sugar (soundtrack) (2004), Cannot Walk Fly Instead (2007), and Light Leaks (2013). Light Leaks became the best electronic album of the year, and also received a Fonogram award.

Margaret Island – Bolyongó
Location: Gyenesdiás, director: Attila Damokos. The trio of Viki Lábas, Kristóf Törőcsik, and Bálint Füstös makes up one of the most successful fresh bands in the category of popular music, and they often play together with young artists who are already famous. The band was formed in autumn 2013, and has had countless concerts since then in Hungary and abroad as well.

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