The Hungarian Government took control of the facilities dealing with infertility problems, and from February 1 all treatments, medicines and controls regarding this problem will be free of charge. With this, infertility treatments will be available for everybody in the country without waiting for an appointment.

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Index reported that there are approximately 150,000 couples in Hungary with infertility problems. Although several treatments are already available in the country, they are costly, and only a few people can afford them. The government seems to put the problem of decreasing popularity in favour because many efforts have been made to increase the number of births in Hungary.

This included putting six infertility centres under state supervision and making treatments, medicines and medical check-ups free of charge.

According to the new system, from February 1, infertility institutes will not have the right to count how many egg cells have been implanted, which means that waiting lists disappear from the procedures. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated that the government would like to take infertility matters under their control which will not be an easy task.

ORBÁN Viktor
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There are many signs that in a short period of time the whole infertility matter will be put under the full supervision of the Hungarian state.

With this step, the Hungarian government estimates that by 2022 Hungary will welcome 4,000 newborn babies. Between January and October 2019, 74,064 children were born in the country and 108,123 citizens died.

Experts stated though, that however the centralisation of infertility institutes seems to be an effective way, it will not help to increase the population of Hungary.

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