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Hungaryʼs InterContinental Budapest had been awarded the Green Globe Certificate in recognition of its green commitment, making it the first and only hotel in Hungary to receive the title, the hotel said in a press release last week.

InterContinental Budapest was introduced to the Golden Globe certification standards in 2013 and was certified for the following two years and will continue the tradition by holding the Green Globe Certification badge in 2016.

Claus Geisselmann, managing director of InterContinental Budapest:

“Receiving this certification three years in a row is great evidence that the hotel is following the right track, which will lead it to a sustainable future.”

Csaba Almási, director of engineering:

“We have undertaken many changes to be able to act more responsibly and meet the requirements of the program: Our housekeeping team switched to Ecolabeled Diversey cleaning products, and 100% energy efficient lighting has been installed in the hotel area, motion sensors have been placed in all corridors and floors to turn off lights automatically after five minutes. Moreover, from September 2015 we managed to become a 100% non-smoking property. In addition to these measurements, we have committed ourselves to replacing all exit signs with LED lights and will install a new air conditioning system by the end of this year.”

InterContinental Budapest is also taking part in clean-up activities at various parks in the area and has organized tours for hospitality students that focus on sustainable hotel management, as part of its efforts to act responsibly in the community. The hotel also has a tradition of selling furnishings and kitchenware in good condition as part of an annual garage sale, which has become very popular among employees and is an effective means of recycling.

Green Globe provides certification, training, education and marketing services in 83 countries worldwide. The Green Globe Certification Standard is based on internationally recognized criteria developed during the 15 years of the Green Globe program. Green Globe Certification is set up to harmonize with other sustainability certification programs around the world. The process of harmonization helps maintain core criteria while also addressing regional issues through the adoption of locally developed standards.

You can read the original press statement HERE.

Source: InterContinental Budapest

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