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Photo: Paulinyi-Reith & Partners

Pannonia Park Biodome, the new building of Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden, was awarded the Best Leisure Architecture of Europe at this year’s International Property Award

The building will serve as a social area with a subtropical climate and it will be populated with animals and plants reviving the ancient flora and fauna of the Carpathian basin, Index claims referring to the announcement of Paulinyi-Reith & Partners, the designer of the new unit.

„The Biodome is a piece of ancient wildlife migrated to the city. With its mild arches this artificial hill perfectly bends into its environment. Creeper plants will cover it on foothill level, while the roof of the building will be mostly light-transmitting,”

says the announcement. The 1.7-hectare biodome is only a part of the 5-hectare area of Pannon Park, highlights Budapest Zoo on its website. The average height of the building will be 17 m, while its highest point will be only 36 m – in comparison, the Great rock is 34 m high without the lightning conductor on the top of it. The construction will be carried out by Market Építő Ltd.

„Visitors will be able to view the animals walking through the paths, but there will be a more adventurous option as well, since there will be a winding little river under the dome, where they row a boat while discovering the wildlife,”

states the zoo, which will have a new aquarium as well. Take a look at their designes in our gallery:


This was not the only success at the International Property Awards as another Hungarian building, namely, the all-new Ethnographic Museum has been chosen the best public service architecture first in Europe and then in the world as well. This was the first time during the 25-year history of the award that a Hungarian building won its category.

Featured Image: Paulinyi-Reith & Partners


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