gergely karácsony and krisztina baranyi
Photo: Karácsony Gergely Facebook

The international press is once again filled with Hungarian news: Gergely Karácsony, the lord mayor of Budapest, and Krisztina Baranyi, the mayor of the 9th district, have renamed streets near the planned location of the Chinese University. A demonstration will be held this Saturday.

As we reported earlier, the mayors have given street names to protest the unwanted project, as Karácsony put it, according to the Guardian:

“We still hope the project won’t happen but if it does then it will have to put up with these names.”

bishop xie shiguang street
Photo: Döme Zsuzsanna Suzi- MKKP Facebook

The Budapest mayor claims in his Facebook post that these plaques bear the names of the individuals and ethnic groups who were persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party. Though renaming the streets was a domestic political move on the part of the opposition mayors, according to Gergely Salát, a sinologist and head of the department at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University, it could have an immense foreign policy impact. He told Blikk that

“It might seem like a witty campaign at first glance, but the Chinese will not find it funny.”

For them, the Dalai Lama, the Uyghur separatists, or the Hong Kong protesters are not the enemies of the Communist Party or the regime but of the entire Chinese nation. The expert adds that due to the Chinese state-controlled media, these street names are probably incomprehensible to the average Chinese.

fudan street names
Photo: Krisztina

Pro-government officials have clearly condemned the move. According to the faction of Fidesz and KDNP, Krisztina Baranyi cannot rename a public area in Budapest because it is the sole competence of the Budapest General Assembly, reports

According to the Guardian,

“the project of the university has fed growing unease about Hungary’s diplomatic tilt from west to east and its soaring indebtedness to China.”

Opinion polls suggest that the people of Budapest are opposed to the Fudan University moving there. More than 5,000 people have indicated their intention to participate in the event called the “Demonstration for the Student City, against Fidesz!“, planned for this Saturday.

According to Zsolt Semjén, the Deputy Prime Minister, the protesters should be thankful to the government that it is even possible to hold a demonstration. He told Telex that without the government’s successful vaccine policy and the Chinese and Russian vaccines, it would not be possible.

Under the current restrictions, a maximum of five hundred people can attend outdoor events. A larger event could only be held if it is attended exclusively by those protected against the virus. Telex claims that the demonstration will be held anyway.

Fudan Budapest
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Source: Guardian, Blikk,, Telex

  1. People Power – use of their Democratic Rights to OBJECT on decision(s) of Government.
    The growing number of citizens – awaken by the dangers of this University Campus – being built in Budapest, highlighting the growing and deepening relationship being established by the present Government – the citizens OBJECTION – through orderly process of People Power and Voice in numbers, the Government best be advised to – LISEN – and re-think it’s position with China.
    National Elections May 2022 are approaching and the Chinese/Hungarian “marriage” – the on-going infiltration and expansion of the Chinese into the core fabrics of the Hungarian economy, extended and encouraged by the present Government of Hungary – is a perilous and dangerous road they pursue.
    The past (5) five years in Budapest, Hungary – the largest – by clear daylight -foreign investors into the Hungarian Property and Warehouse Storage Facilities – the Chinese – followed by the Vietnamese and Germany.
    In recent time the collapse of foreign trade agreements experienced by Norway and Australia – that caused relationship fall out that still continues through the Chinese way of – there way or no way and we won’t give ground nor apologize – not even in the event that we China – are “shamed and embarrassed” proven wrong – in the breaking of Foreign Trade and “other” agreements.
    History – read it on China and it NEVER Lies.
    China – sees Hungary a “cheap” investment for it’s Future.
    Budapest is seen as a major junction of the new silk road – the west meeting of the east – that China – through it’s manipulation and control of Governments being investment driven, will inflict mass change cultural and economic into the Hungarian Political Landscape and the life of Hungarians.
    People Power – voice in number – orderly – through the use of – Freedom of voice – speech and opinion – that DEMOCRACY – it’s core is built on – it’s Factuality and Operation Political Functionality.

  2. What a flip! First when SOROS’s so called CEU is pushed to show legitamacy, and all his NGOs are fighting hard to stop any declarations while all other foreign universities offering degrees accept and process the requirements within 2 years given.
    New knuckleheads show up to protest a large university that wants to move in with legitimate declarations that would encourage Hungarian population as well as the growing native Hungarian-Chinese community and foreigners to take part in studies there. All that comes up is typical combative politics, large loans, and pissed off opposition for why they didn’t think of it first. Suck it up guys, Universities outlast regimes and their knowledge base is second to none for any future developements.

  3. Dear Hungarian brothers, as a Finn, if I may say so.
    Having lived in China now for 7 years in 5 different (major) cities and somewhat having an opinion how this authoritarian system tries to invade various parts of the globe. Not to say that their moves are not smart, geopolitical blitzkrieg and now you are in the university mess.
    How much have they invested in Africa? Why? F.ex. they make shoes there, dirt cheap copy/paste a Chinese sports shoes factory there and export wherever without restrictions and duties (origin 3rd world nation). I read this so it’s 3rd party info. BBC if I remember correct.
    South China Sea, build manmade island on international waters and claim that as Chinese territory – hmm. Fair play (?). Does that have to do anything with Chinese nuclear submarines (south) have to pass that area etc.
    NOW you in Hungary with the proposed Chinese university in Budapest… Not military, not manufacturing but your national IP. Don’t let it happen, even if built with Chinese labor and Chinese materials, short term maybe fiscally lucrative, long term you lose. Give them a finger and soon goes the hand. Huge respect to The Mayor, nice move on the street names. Could also name the square “June 4th Square” (Tiananmen day). I can tell, Finland (unfortunately) would never have that kind of balls. My understanding is that the proposed investment from China would be a loan… at the end, the taxpayers will have to pay.
    Food for thought…
    Respectfully, A Finn in China
    PS trust me, you don’t want a Chinatown in Budapest.

  4. Hi guys,
    I saw it’s going to a referendum – perfect – make sure you vote ! And… you know what to vote, wear the “kokárda” with pride !

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