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Photo: International School Budapest
The International Schools Database aims to help local and expat parents choose the perfect international school for their children. The database allows parents to find, research and compare international schools in cities across four continents. 

Their latest research project uses data to evaluate the prices of international schools across the globe. In this article, we share and analyze the prices of international schools in Europe.

Below is the analysis of price data from 21 cities in 15 European countries, in a from of a graph. While they have used all price data available to us, there may be additional schools and prices not included in each city, because they do not make their price data available or it is unknown.

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Some of the key findings include:

  • Budapest is more expensive than the average city in Europe for international schools: 9th out of 21 cities.
  • Switzerland is the second most expensive country in the world for international schools, after China.
  • Zurich is the most expensive city in Europe for international schools.
  • Copenhagen is the cheapest city in Europe (and the 2nd cheapest in the world!) for international schools.

Not surprisingly, Switzerland is the most expensive European country for international schooling. The Swiss cities of Zurich, Geneva and Lausanne take the top three spots on our graph below, with prices in Laussane-Vaud and Geneva starting at a minimum of $14,840 per year.

The widest range of school prices – from just $2,544 per year to $33,508 – is found in Paris. The French capital also takes the title of lowest minimum price in all of our European cities.

The lowest maximum, however, belongs to the Danish capital Copenhagen. Other points of interest include international schools in Madrid, which range from $4,100 to $15,095 a year with the average school costing $8,763. 

You can check the full results for Europe here:
and the results for the whole world here:

Source: International Schools Database

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