Tihany Peninsula
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At fall, one can buy valuable real estates in Balatonszemes and Tihany, two popular settlements at Lake Balaton. That is because the Hungarian state decided to sell areas close to the ports of these two cities.

According to mfor.hu, state-owned Balatoni Hajózási Zrt. (Bahart, Balaton Shipping Co.) will sell its right to operate the sailboat ports at Lake Balaton. Furthermore, the company decided to sell all of its real estates near the lake because of the coronavirus epidemic.

There is no news about the ports, but auctioneer’s advertisements already appeared so it is now clear that Bahart would like to

sell its real estates in Balatonszemes, Csopak, Tihany and Siófok.

These cities are all top-rated among tourists. The most valuable of these is the Hattyú (Swan) camping in Balatonszemes, its starting price is 1 billion HUF (approximately 3 million EUR).

Only a few real estates near the lake have such a good location since these are directly near the lakeshore. One has to take only 11 steps from its fence to jump into the water. The camping is not expensive, for example, a parcel for a caravan costs only 4,000 HUF (EUR 33) per night. However, after the purchase, the new owner does not have to run it as a campsite; one can build a new luxury apartment flat. You can bid for it on the website of the Hungarian National Asset Management Inc from September 21.

The real estate in

Tihany is for approximately the same price: 787 million HUF (EUR 2.2 million).

It is near the ferry port, and there is a market place, a parking area and a picnic corner on it. On the weekends, there is a market in the area where local vendors sell their products. That is why the local government has a pre-emption right on it.

The Balaton Shipping Co. would like to cease all its activities not closely linked to boating. Therefore, they would like to run neither campings nor hotels. Their goal is to provide European quality boat services and channel all their financial resources to development. The government bought a share in 2019 August for 6.6 billion HUF in the Balaton Shipping Co. (18.4 million EUR). Immediately after that, the state did a capital increase, so it gained a majority. As a result, local governments having shares in the company can no longer interfere in the operation of the enterprise.

Source: mfor.hu

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