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PM Viktor Orbรกn advised every Hungarian to choose Lake Balaton this summer instead of, for example, the Adriatic Sea. The Hungarian supermodel, Enikล‘ Mihalik, seems to have taken his advice and she bathed naked in the “Hungarian Sea”. Details and photos below!

According to, it happened even before that Hungarian supermodel Enikล‘ Mihalik posted almost naked photos on her Instagram. She did so during the quarantine, as well, and now she is at Lake Balaton where she spends her summer holiday.

Interestingly, she caught the coronavirus before. She thought that it was only flu, but later she was tested and then it came to light that she successfully got through the virus. The symptoms were similar like in many other cases: she had a high fever (38.4 Celsius degrees), headache, and when she thought she got well she lost her smell and sense of taste for ten days.

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#Balaton I miss you

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After she recovered, she posted many new photos from Lake Balaton saying that she already missed the “Hungarian Sea” very much.

Hungary model bath Balaton
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According to, the Hungarian beauty moved back to Budapest, Hungary from New York in July and she has a new boyfriend since February.ย 

She said then that she would not like to introduce her boyfriend, but they met in a house party in February organised by a common friend of theirs.

She added one month ago that she regularly travels between Budapest and New York, but they search for a flat to buy in the Hungarian capital. Since then it seems that they have been successful because the model shared a photo showing the keys of their new home.

About their plans, she shared that they would like to spend the rest of this year in Hungary because his boyfriend’s New York office closed due to the coronavirus epidemic and she would like to study fashion design in Hungary.


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