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Hungarian restaurants are getting more and more recognition on prestigious foreign competitions and lists. Hungarian food blog Food and Wine reports about the latest win, which belongs to Avalon Ristorante from Miskolctapolca. The restaurant won two awards at the World Luxury Restaurant Awards.

This year the award-giving ceremony of the World Luxury Restaurant Awards was held in Belfast, on the 14th of July, where the Hungarian restaurant Avalon Ristorante was announced the best Italian restaurant in Central Europe, winning in two categories: in the “World Luxury Italian Cuisine” and in the “Luxury Interior Design/Architecture”. These wins are very important and are telling of exquisite quality, as they are given to those restaurants that serve outstanding gourmet food and give exclusive service.

An Italian restaurant located in Budapest was chosen as one of the best Italian restaurants in the world recently. Can you guess which one?

The winners in all 84 categories are chosen based on guest experience and the opinion of a professional jury. Altogether 42 countries were represented at the competition.

Avalon Ristorante entered the competition in two categories and became the regional winner in both.

The awards were received by the restaurant’s two chefs, Gyula Albók and Gábor Szepesi.

Gábor Szepesi, the creative chef, recalls the event as an unforgettable experience which will not be an easy job to comprehend and process. Despite this, he is proud of their work and is happy that they are acknowledged and appreciated. This kind of recognition gives the team an enormous power boost, hoping that they will progress even further in the future.

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“Hearing that Avalon Ristorante was announced the regional winner was one of the most joyful moments of my career. I am tremendously happy to have been able to participate in such a prestigious competition with our team, this is a smashing success for us” – said Gyula Albók, executive chef.

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Source: foodandwine.hu

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