Keleti railway station Budapest
Photo: Alpár Kató – Daily News Hungary

The Hungarian State Railways (MÁV) recently promised and ensured that the Hungarian capital city’s main railway stations (Keleti and Nyugati Railway Station) are getting new improvements in the future.

Looks like their promise is close to becoming a reality – reports Szeretlek Magyarország. MÁV’s plans include making more than fifty stations more modern, and friendly and making their services more efficient.

They also reported that the demolition of the old and dirty pavilions, kiosks and restaurants also starts soon.

Keleti, railway, station, kiosks, Budapest, Hungary
Keleti Railway Station (Photo:

The renovation of Nyugati Railway Station’s underpass started in December 2018 and has not been finished yet. The next step of their project will be completed at Keleti Railway Station where they are going to remove twelve kiosks and pavilions from the inside of the building.

These pavilions and kiosks ruin the sight of the historical railway station and their services are often not appropriate and hygienic.

MÁV stated that there will be kiosks and pavilions at the railway stations where passengers will be able to buy food, drink, newspapers, etc. built by the national railway company. Furthermore, they are planning to build a passengers’ centre inside the station and to renovate the waiting-rooms.

Nyugati, railway, station, kiosks, Budapest, Hungary
Nyugati Railway Station (Photo:

The company will also renovate more than fifty stations across the country, for example, the station of Alsógöd, Felsőgöd (Pest County), Nagymaros-Visegrád (Pest County), Rákospalota-Újpest (Budapest) and Dunakeszi-Gyártelep (Pest County).

The main purposes are making these stations’ image more acceptable, and friendly for passengers, renovating the buildings nearby (not necessarily used by MÁV) and demolishing the buildings which are dangerous and not used anymore. The improvements of important traffic junctions are also inevitable.

Photo: Alpár Kató – Daily News Hungary


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