It is a well-known “fact” that pálinka is a remedy. It brings appetite on an empty stomach, decreases toothache if you rinse with it, stops throat ache and disinfects anything. If you don’t want to get sick, drink it as prevention. If you are already ill, drink it as a medicine. Hungarians think it is useful for everything.

Is that true? Konyhalál has some bad news. These facts have little truth in them.

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Alcohol disinfects. That is true, but only when it is more than 70 degrees. The strongest shots of pálinka are “only” 50-55 degrees; thus, they do not disinfect. And 70-degree alcohol not only sanitises your throat but erodes it as well, which is not very well-recommended.

Does it disinfect externally? It has a dehydrating effect, so it destroys tissue as well. Therefore, it is not recommended to pour pálinka on wounds either.

Does pálinka help to fall asleep? Let’s just say it helps you to lay down. In small amounts, it has a stimulating effect, and in larger amounts, pálinka knocks you out, resulting in restless sleep.

Does it bring appetite? If you drink a shot of pálinka before lunch, you’ll request food more eagerly. Firstly because it is noon and you would have your lunch anyway and secondly because pálinka irritates your empty stomach and you want to stop the uncomfortable feeling.

Is pálinka best if it hurts? That is not good even at the input stage, but the after effect of it like headache and nausea are not pleasant either.

Then what is pálinka suitable for?

If you drink a few shots of pálinka, you won’t be worried about the problems listed above!

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Furthermore, pálinka is a popular drink among Hungarians and foreigners alike. Drinking it, tasting it, discussing it, and having a good time because of pálinka – you name it, this traditional Hungarian beverage is a remedy for the soul through and through!




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