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Kossuth and his generals

Terrible Maps launched a desperate ‘attack’ on Hungary and the home of 15,000 American citizens when they posted a ‘terrible map’. Believe it or not, Iowa has a county that was founded in 1851 and was named after Lajos Kossuth, who was on his American tour at the time, reports Index.

According to the census of 2010, the population of Kossuth County is 15,543. At the county seat in Agona, there is a statue of the Hungarian freedom fighter in front of the county hall building, with a plaque that reads: Lajos (Louis) Kossuth.

Kossuth had been travelling around the United States for more than half a year in 1851, trying to find sponsors and funders to restart the depressed Hungarian War of Independence. In the end, Kossuth’s ‘fundraising’ project did not turn into a new revolution, but the Hungarian politician still had a great influence on the Americans he met.

If you are curious, we collected many of the places that bear the name of Kossuth in the United States, just click here.

Many people donated to the Hungarian cause, and many settlements, streets, and squares in America bear Kossuth’s name ever since. Such is the case with a county in Iowa, which is twice as large as any other county in the state.

Terrible Maps is taunting Iowa’s largest county, named after the famous Hungarian governor, because the state has 99 counties and could have an even 100 if not for Kossuth’s impact on locals.

The chaffing post can be viewed here:

Iowa has 99 counties. It could have an even 100 if not for this monstrosity #Map #Maps #Terriblemaps #TerribleMap #USA #iowa #counties

Publicado por Terrible Maps em Quinta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2020

If you want to know more about our history concerning Kossuth and some of our greatest heroes, then this article is just for you. However, if you like watching videos, then you must check out these 5 about the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.

By the way, Kossuth county was not always that large. Bancroft County was north of it, but it was so swampy and marshy that there were not many settlers there. Therefore, Kossuth annexed it with a hussar’s cut, and thus the largest county of Iowa was created in 1855.

Source: Index.hu

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