The glimmer and luxury services of fashionable bath complexes always astound us, but sometimes we might desire something else

A calm pool under the shady trees, a quiet and not too crowded bath which might offer miracles. Let us recommend six charming but less known spas around the Hungarian capital, compiled by Termálfürdő.hu.

In a splendid green area on the Danube bank lies the thermal spa of Leányfalu, which is built on sources of thermal water. Those who want to rest in a shaded place can lie under the ancient trees, but the wide open green areas await Sun lovers as well. The warm fun pool of 500 square meters has automatic neck shower, back massage shower and whirlpool baths pamper the guests, as well. The water temperature of the fun pool is 30-32 degrees Celsius.

Those who visit Thermal Bath and Spa Cegléd will probably return many times, as this spa fascinates its customers with a large variety of services. The renewed spa’s most precious treasures are its inner and outdoors pools: from thermal baths to spectacle pools, from children’s pools to swimming pools, ten pools with 1400 square meters of water surface provide wellness and therapeutic programs. The greatest pride of the spa is the 19,000 square meters wide flower park and grove, which is tempting for a walk before or after bathing.

Thermal Spa Nagykáta was opened in June 2012. The covered bath house is more than 1300 square meters wide with its three pools, saunas, massage cabins and a buffet. The spa is also spectacular from the architectual aspect, and it promises a pleasant rest. In the summer season, the outdoor pools also operate, where the young, playful and agile visitors might find their entertainment.

Szigetszentmiklós is also very close to Budapest, so it is worth to visit the quite new Oázis Wellness Park, where pools, slides, wellness services and different sporting opportunities. The large park has fountains, a creek and ornamentals, among which the customers can bathe, rest and do sports. The fun area provides multiple types of exciting slides and drifting pools. A 20 square meters large swimming pool with a temperature of 27-29 degrees Celsius is awaiting indoors, as well as a 36-38 degrees warm therapeutic pool with hydro massage and a 32-34 degrees warm instructor pool.

The conquest of the castle of Visegrád can be connected to some spa experience. Lepence Spa is a spa with modern wellness services and therapeutic thermal spa.  The Roman and Turkish style bath house was built onto the forested mountainside, and it provides a large variety of wellness services and qualified experts. Inside the bath house we can find a tepidarium of 30-40 degrees Celsius, and in the sauna park there are Finnish saunas and steam baths, fragrant steam chamber, three aroma cabins, ice well, adventure shower installations, infra cabins and standard saunas.

It may require a longer drive, but Gyémánt Fürdő Tatabánya is worth the 45-minute journey. A true family spa resides in the small town, which was designed to satisfy the needs of the whole family. They take the leisure of both the children and their parents into account. There are eight pools; waterfall, drifting corridor, twirling bath and children’s pool await the visitors. Besides the water attractions and slides, a playhouse provides ground entertainment for younglings. The pool which can be found outdoors surrounded by a large park is recorded as one of the most beautiful pools in Central Europe.

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