(MTI) – Hungary will present its literature as special guest of honour country in November at a major Turkish cultural event, the International Book Festival and Fair, Hungary’s ambassador to Turkey told MTI on Tuesday.

At the event that last year attracted 450,000 visitors, interest in Hungarian literature was immense, said Janos Hovari.

He mentioned the Turkish editions of Geza Gardonyi’s historical novel Eclipse of the Crescent Moon, which centres around the 1552 siege of Eger by the Turks, as well as of Hungarian collected poems and several history titles among the books to be featured.

The ambassador also mentioned Hungarian editions of Turkish authors’ works about Hungary and the two countries’ common history which have been previously presented in Istanbul fairs.

“We have excellent relations with Turkey, where Prime Minister Viktor Orban opened the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Istanbul last December, and within which framework a Strategic Cooperation Council has been set up,” he said.
Hungarians can from now on travel to Turkey without a visa and the Turkish president will pay an official visit to Budapest next week, the ambassador said.

Photo: debmedia.hu

Source: http://hungarymatter.hu/

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