Budapest, Hungary. Photo: MTI

It took 63 firefighters to put out the fire that has spread to several houses in Óbuda, Hungary on Sunday night.

The first responders arrived at the scene with 17 vehicles after receiving a call around 7:15 PM that a colossal blast could be heard and fire followed, reported Index based on a Facebook post by the disaster management.

When firefighters arrived at the scene they saw that five buildings next to and nearby each other had caught fire, three of which were completely, while two only partially were on fire.

Because of the fire’s heat, the high-voltage cable above the houses broke. One person was injured, as they were walking beneath the cable, and suffered an electric shock. The fire did not spread further, to any industrial or other buildings. The firefighters managed to put it out entirely at 8:44 PM.

According to, whether the fire caused the cable to break or the broken cable caused the fire is unclear as of now.

An investigation has been started to determine the cause of the fire. “In one of the houses multiple gas tanks exploded due to the fire, this is what locals could have heard,” they reported.

Many readers of Index sent in photos of the fire, and reported a power outage, likely caused by the incident.

Nine people live in the affected houses, five of which were home at the time of the incident, but were not hurt.


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