According to, the next Hungarian car factory can be built near to the Western Hungarian town, says.

The Indian Tata – which also owns the British Jaguar Land Rover Ltd – mandated an international company to find a suitable area suitable for building cars.

The site has been informed that the company contacted several cities through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Szombathely stayed in the final round, the main rival is Debrecen.

The car factory would be one of the largest such operation in Hungary, and would employ about 8-10 thousand people.

It is in favor of Szombathely that there is a 600- acre land for industrial purposes by the former military airport, including the airport. In this context, said soil samples were taken in the Szombathely airport in recent weeks.

The site adds that the competent neither confirm nor deny, and there is a great secrecy.

It is memorable that during the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, it was rumored that BMW would build a factory in Hungary, but the specific location was not decided. The company subsequently denied to several newspaper, that they had wanted to build a plant in Hungary.

It strengthens the possibility of the Tata factory investment that the company has been looking for a new factory sit, in connection with which Austria and Turkey were also raised as locations. Tata, which owns Jaguar and Land Rover brands since 2008, doubled the previously not so well-performing sales. During the reign, they successfully renewed the outdated offerings of the two British brands, for example with the extremely successful Range Rover Evoque. At Jaguar, Jaguar XE type is now being introduced, intended to be the competitor of BMW 3, says.

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  1. It would be great if Hungary could put itself on the map as the preferred CEE country for car manufacturers and their supply chains. Unfortunately the regional subsidy program, which favours the Nyirseg region will probably threaten common sense thinking. Short term financial incentives will woo accountants, share holders and key decision makers to make the wrong decisions, based purely on money. This is very wrong, when planning the lives of many and a regions future. A succesfull car plant needs to be in an area with an excellent infrastructure and in short, it needs to be a nice place to live, not too far away from Budapest or Vienna. If this is not the case it will be difficult to attract excellent Hungarian engineers and their families and these people will remain in the current automotive clusters or leave Hungary. British companies, even Indian financed ones are not going to be the regional powerhouse in Hungary. They are too short term orientated and behave like the Americans – See Hungarian EMS disaster. Sadly it is only the Germans and the Swiss who actually mean long term business.

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