One of the biggest Japanese market chains, CGC Japan, accepted the Hungarian Aranynektár Kft. as one of their suppliers. The first package has already been sent to Japan, writes

According to Ferenc Takács, director of the Dunavarsány based Aranynektár Kft., this new-found connection could triple Hungary’s honey export to Japan, which can reach 600 tons and 1 billion HUF. Takács added that reaching out to Japan came just in time as the past three years’ unfavourable weather caused a significant decrease in Hungary’s honey export which resulted in losing important markets, and it was questionable where this year’s honey could be exported.

Hungary produces an average of 22-24.000 tons of honey every year and most of it is exported at a price of 70 billion HUF. Aranynektár Kft, founded in 1989, exported 3000 tons of honey last year which was worth 4.5 billion HUF.

The company is planning to build new halls, and packing lines to keep up with the demand. The new equipment will make it possible to produce an additional 1500 tons of honey. The project is estimated to be cost 300 million HUF; the company will cover it from its own resources, and will apply for government funds as well – Ferenc Takács said.

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translated by Adrienn Sain


  1. I sure hope that the store owner in Japan can prove to his customers as to where the honey he is selling came from. It’s currently in the EU that the producers have found Chinese Knock-offs of Hungarian Honey products, complete with labels etc. saying the Honey is a true Hungarian product. Lab analysis proves otherwise. This could be a blow to the true Hungarian suppliers if it is discovered that these Chinese knock-offs have made it to Japan.

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