Jennifer Lawrence Red Sparrow
Photo:ól reports that Jennifer Lawrence recently gave an interview to reporter Anikó Návai about Red Sparrow as part of a Hungarian series focused on Hollywood movies. In the interview, the actress expresses her love for Budapest in her usual humorous style.

As you might remember, Jennifer Lawrence spent a few months in Hungary last year, to shoot her new movie, Red Sparrow. The trailer was released a month ago, featuring iconic venues like the Statue of Liberty, the Parliament and the Opera House.

In the recent interview, the actress claims that she is Hungarian and Budapest is her home. She confesses her love for Budapest and that she would love to shoot a sequel to the movie in the city.

“The people are so lovely, the culture and the city are so beautiful, I loved it!”

This is not the first time that she mentioned Hungary in an interview, among others, she had previously shared a fun story on the Late Night with Seth Meyers show.

For that matter, Red Sparrow is a spy thriller, in which Jennifer Lawrence plays Dominika Jegorova, a Russian spy, who falls for the CIA-agent she is after, and considers becoming a double agent.

The movie airs on the 1st of March in Hungarian cinemas.


Featured image:ól


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