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The opposition Jobbik party criticised on Monday recently flagged government measures to expand its family housing subsidy scheme (csok), saying tens of thousands of rich families would benefit from the move, while hundreds of thousands of poor ones would miss out.

Referring to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s announcement of the measures on Sunday, Jobbik‘s deputy leader accused the government of driving a wedge through society “by benefitting 37,000 people and neglecting several hundred thousand others”.

He said the subsidy scheme had no upper limit, and large houses “in the hundred million forint range” could also be built using public money.

Dániel Z. Kárpát told a press conference that the package of measures should have included help for people who rent. He also called for a review of banking practices with the aim of targeting help at troubled mortgage holders rather than providing a subsidy for new borrowers.

The announced benefits include exempting women who raise at least four children from personal income tax for life, giving large families 2.5 million forints (EUR 7,860) to buy a large vehicle and a cheap loan of 10 million forints for women under age 40 who marry for the first time, with a sliding scale of repayment depending on how many children she bears.


Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced a seven-point family protection action plan in his state-of-the-nation address in Budapest on Sunday.

Source: MTI

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