Mátraszentimre, February 17 (MTI) – Increasing Hungarian wages to ultimately close the gap with western Europe will be the main issue for opposition Jobbik to address during parliament’s spring session, the party’s parliamentary group leader said on Friday.

Jobbik has launched an international initiative to promote wage rises in Hungary, János Volner told reporters after a group meeting in Mátraszentimre, in northern Hungary.

He criticised Viktor Orbán’s government for its failure to put forward any proposal for increasing the wages of Hungarians to the level of their western peers in the same positions.

Volner also criticised the government for concluding strategic cooperation agreements with western European companies in Hungary without requiring them to ensure their employees’ gradual wage increase.

He said that as “the second strongest party” Jobbik would also continue to press forward with its referendum initiative on Hungary’s EU membership to “force the Orbán government to take steps” on the matter.

Concerning the issue of Hungary’s bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games, Volner said Jobbik is fundamentally supporting the project, but in light of recent developments it would be “worth considering” that the government and the municipality of Budapest should withdraw the bid.

“The Hungarian public is rather divided over the issue,” Volner argued.

Source: MTI

  1. This JOBBIK party is as stupid as the former SOVIET party that thought money would be just thrown at people if they demanded it. Really? Why can’t they just take the LABOUR to a more out lying nation and save another 50%… There is a difference between an economist that is willing to produce something in a country where the living standards are lower and he sees an opportunity to take a risk and employ people vs a child slave labour camp operation. If the economist seeing a growing risk, he will pull out, where the slave labourist with what he gets away with will shoot the protester as an example and have another take his or her place. Things aren’t that bad in Hungary. If you don’t like it JOBBIK, then work with the current government and encourage, help develop our OWN businesses, instead of expecting foreign businesses to better our people. Stop bitching and demanding and learn some fundamental business practices and macro-economics, or just shut it.

  2. Well said marTON. This is the best logical and truthful comment I have heard for ages.

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