gyöngyösi vice president Jobbik

The outcome of next year’s European Parliamentary elections will determine “whether we can build a free, liveable and predictable Hungary in a safe Europe”, the group leader of conservative Jobbik told a press conference on Saturday.

Márton Gyöngyösi said that Jobbik offers predictable policies as against the prime minister’s “policy of isolation” and insisted that

“Viktor Orbán wants to drive Hungary out of the European Union”.

On behalf of his party, Gyöngyösi pledged “protection against illegal migration”, efforts aimed at allowing Hungarians to prosper in their homeland rather than seek jobs abroad, as well as support to ethnic Hungarian communities in their fight for autonomy.

Jobbik will name its candidates for the EP elections late in January or early February, Gyöngyösi said.


As we wrote, Jobbik has presented the English version of the party’s EP election programme titled “Safe Europe, Free Hungary!” to the foreign media representatives working in Hungary, read more about the programme HERE.

Source: MTI

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  1. Gyöngyösi Márton of Jobbik, you talk a pack of lies. It has become blatantly obvious that Jobbik is on the run down, and will not recover so easily, if at all. Jobbik, along with all the other leftist parties, are a sorry sight for politics, and just have not got the ability to govern a country. How you can change from a Radical Right Side Party to a Conservative Party, then associate with a Socialist Party, is totally beyond comprehension. A Conservative Party is a Democratic Party, and does not associate with Lefty Socialists and Communists. There is something drastically wrong with your outlook and thinking ability. You are a lying party too. Two points, The Governing Party, Fidesz-KDNP, are not heading for isolation with anything. They are, and have been building Hungary in every way possible for the people to enjoy a truly positive life in peace. For goodness sake, Hungary has gone through an awful lot of mistidings over many years, and the time came 8 years ago to put things right, and the present government has done marvellously well to achieve what they have done. The second point is, Orbán Viktor has always said he does not want to pull out of the EU. This has also been backed by a pole from the people, that they would stay in the EU. What the government is trying to do, is to get the Bureaucrats in the EU to change their attitudes towards certain things like migration, one of the things this country’s people do not want. So when you say, “Orbán Viktor wants to drive Hungary out of the European Union” is a pack of lies, because he most definitely does not. So, Gyöngyösi Márton, you want to pull your head out of the ground or your arse and start looking at a few truths for a change. You would do well, maybe, to travel to America and lay at Soros’s feet as a lame dog, or head for a hole that is occupied by your own sort, “RATS”.

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