Dóra Dúró lawmaker Jobbik

The board of Jobbik party has asked lawmaker Dóra Dúró to return her mandate, the party said in a statement on Wednesday.

Dúró was expelled from Jobbik’s parliamentary group on Tuesday because she had joined a platform set up by hardliner László Toroczkai.

Dúró won her mandate on Jobbik’s national list rather than as an individual candidate, so the party is free to appoint another person on the list to take her seat in parliament.

Dúró said on her Facebook page ahead of the decision that she is ready to return her mandate.

“I acknowledge with dignity, albeit with surprise, the decision … made with no detailed explanation, as in a show trial,” she said late on Tuesday.

The party spokesman said on Tuesday that Dúró had been expelled over the group’s “loss of trust” in her. He added that by joining Toroczkai’s platform, she had “legitimised” what Jobbik sees as Toroczkai’s attempt to disrupt the party.

Source: MTI

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