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Jobbik: Emigration may trigger economic, demographic catastrophe

Jobbik: Emigration may trigger economic, demographic catastrophe

The massive emigration of Hungarians to western countries may trigger a demographic and economic catastrophe in Hungary, while the government denies even the very existence of the problem, Dóra Dúró, Jobbik’s lawmaker, told the press on Tuesday.

Around 600,000 Hungarians are working abroad, and every sixth Hungarian child is born outside of the country, she noted. Jobbik finds it outrageous that the government attempts to downplay the problem and even disputes its very existence, she said. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said earlier that young people leave to seek adventures, and Human Resources Minister Zoltán Balog said the phenomenon was simply part of the free flow of work force on the single European market, and required no action, she noted.

Jobbik thinks otherwise, Dúró said.

No one tears themselves away from their families and spends Christmas abroad out of mere adventurousness, she insisted.


Jobbik’s wage union initiative would act against emigration in the long term, Dúró said. If equal wages were paid for equal work, the main reason for emigration would become a thing of the past, she added.

If Jobbik comes to power, it would also launch a housing project to ease housing costs, which are disproportionately large for Hungarian wages, Dúró said.

Source: MTI

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