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Jobbik Lawmaker Rejects Charges Of Racism

Jobbik Lawmaker Rejects Charges Of Racism

Budapest, April 30 (MTI) – Tamas Sneider, a lawmaker of radical nationalist Jobbik, has launched legal proceedings against Istvan Ujhelyi, MEP candidate of the Socialist Party, for slander.

Sneider, who will head the social and family affairs committee of Hungary’s new parliament, said in a statement on Wednesday that Ujhelyi had “spread lies” about him, accusing him of being “fascist and racist”.

In his statement, Sneider insisted that the Socialist Party had been unable to resolve issues around the Hungarian Roma community, while his party was seeking to ensure jobs for members of the Roma minority and to “punish such criminals” at the same time.

Last week the opposition Socialists protested against the proposed appointment of Sneider to deputy speaker of parliament because of the lawmaker’s “fascistic” past.





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