Gheorgheni, Romania (MTI) – Jobbik can only be able to govern as a people’s party, Gabor Vona, the radical nationalist party’s leader, said in Gheorgheni (Gyergyoszentmiklos), Romania, on Friday.

The time has come for Jobbik to start preparing for the new responsibilities of leadership, Vona said at a podium discussion organised by the Hungarian Youth of Transylvania, adding that the 2018 general election will bring a rivalry between ruling Fidesz and his own party.

Vona said Fidesz was successful in stabilising the economy and praised the government’s efforts regarding its policy for Hungarian communities abroad.

The Jobbik leader said, however, that Prime Minister Viktor Orban had made Hungarian society “stifling”. He said Orban’s government had “fallen below” the Gyurcsany government. “Viktor Orban had spent so long fighting socialism that he created another version of it,” he said.

Vona cited the elimination of corruption as one of his party’s primary goals. He said such a goal is unachievable for Fidesz and the Socialist Party, as both parties are “founded on corruption”.

He said Hungary needed a clear vision for the future in order to prevent the mass emigration of its citizens.

On the subject of Europe’s migration crisis, Vona said the issue should be dealt with in a stricter manner, and voiced support for Hungary’s soon-to-be-completed fence along its border with Serbia. He said the number of migrants entering Europe was so high that it would be impossible for them to integrate into society and they would therefore end up forming their own communities.

Jobbik deputy leader Istvan Szavay said the greatest challenge facing the country’s policy for Hungarian communities abroad is ensuring the survival of diaspora communities, for which he said the government had no strategy.

Photo: MTI


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