Volner Jobbik
Volner János, a Jobbik frakcióvezetõje (j) beszélget az Országgyûlés plenáris ülésén 2016. november 14-én. Mögötte Z. Kárpát Dániel (b2) és Lukács László (b) jobbikos képviselõk. MTI Fotó: Koszticsák Szilárd

Jobbik calls upon the government to abandon its dirty tricks for keeping its dirty money, said Jobbik’s vice president, Dániel Z. Kárpát in his press conference. Mr Kárpát believes that the reason why Fidesz-Christian Democrats do not back Jobbik’s Constitutional bill is because this way the government can retain its residency bond business.

Talking about how far the government was ready to go in their efforts, Jobbik’s politician expressed his view that they may even be willing to play the farce of seemingly abandoning the anti-immigration Constitutional amendment and pretending that it is not really necessary. As he put it, his party is convinced that the government plays a dirty political game in this matter.

He asserted that Jobbik’s bill would clearly exclude any mass immigration through the residency bonds and it added only one sentence to the government’s earlier proposal. Mr Kárpát stressed that government party MPs were unwilling to put Jobbik’s motion on the agenda for discussion. “They are dragging their feet shamelessly while the residency bond business is running in full swing,” said the opposition politician.

He also pointed out that Jobbik and some journalists had requested data from the Office of Immigration and Nationality, which clearly proved that Mr Rogán and his team had settled twice as many rich immigrants here via the residency bonds than the total number of migrants Brussels wanted to allocate to Hungary. He added that the subsequent family reunifications would likely raise this number to 5000, while Fidesz-Christian Democrats keep up an appearance of fighting against a similar scenario.

Mr Kárpát also mentioned that if the government parties finally abandon the Constitutional amendment, they should also give an explanation why they spent 17 bn HUF of the taxpayers’ money on a referendum campaign. The government should also account for other incurred losses, including the residency bond scheme which have been unprofitable for Hungary since December 2014. The issue raises a potential loss of nearly 10 bn HUF for Hungary’s national budget, which also suffered an consequential loss of 110 bn HUF in terms of the agency commissions, he added.

Photo: MTI

Source: Jobbik – press release

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