Jobbik demands the Hungarian government to take immediate action in the migration issue. The party maintains its position that the border fence cannot be efficient unless the independence of the border guard service is restored. Jobbik MP Dániel Z. Kárpát added that before this measure is taken, larger police forces must be deployed to the southern border and the authorities must begin to eliminate the organized criminal gangs. 

Jobbik leaders went to the southern border last weekend to assess the conditions there: they visited Ásotthalom and Szeged and they also went across the border to see the town of Magyarkanizsa (Opština Kanjiža). In addition to consulting with the law enforcement organizations and local residents, they also had discussions with immigrants. In his press conference, Dániel Z. Kárpát informed the public that the first-hand and up-to-date information they gained helped them to outline how this aggravating problem could be handled.

New approach to policing affairs

Confirming the party’s earlier statements, Jobbik’s MP said the nation needs to set up an independent border guard service. He remarked that you can build fences and close the borders (which Jobbik basically agrees with), but it is pointless if you don’t ensure the necessary human resources. In his opinion, any responsible government must conduct policing affairs in such a way that they protect the local civilian population as well as stop the influx of immigrants which “will surely and constantly flood Europe in the upcoming decades.” In the meantime, while the independent border guard service is set up, Dániel Z. Kárpát emphasized,  police forces must immediately be deployed there in large numbers because “migrants panicked upon hearing that Hungary is raising a fence” in the past few days.

Jobbik’s MP talked about his experience of encountering a dozen Congolese people. When Mayor László Toroczkai asked for police assistance, they were told that there wasn’t one single policeman the service could have sent there for reinforcement.

“Policemen do an honest job, but there is so few of them in the region that you cannot reasonably expect them to collect and manage thousands of refugees on a daily basis” Dániel  Z. Kárpát pointed out.

Nonsensical liberal obsessions

He also told the journalists that the public areas of Magyarkanizsa and an abandoned industrial facility in Szabadka (Subotica) currently accommodate thousands of immigrants who can hardly wait on the Serbian side for the moment when they can cross the Hungarian border. He added that many of them actually do cross the border, for example in Szeged at night by boats on the river. Z. Kárpát also said that this could not be done without the help of organized crime gangs. Jobbik believes the government must take immediate measures to reveal and uproot these gangs as well as to close the popular migration routes, which would eliminate most of the problem consequently.

Dániel Z. Kárpát added that the past few weeks have seen “countless nonsensical liberal ideas voiced in the media.”

“Dwarf parties and dwarf organizations (the members of which have probably never set foot on the frontier area) would grant voting rights to immigrants, settle them down, give them free language lessons and accommodation in Budapest” listed the MP, emphasizing that Jobbik categorically rejects all “nonsensical liberal obsessions” mentioned in relation with this issue. He said that the patriotic party feels obligated to lend a helping hand to all individuals running from real persecution as long as their reported persecution is verified.

“However, this helping hand cannot mean settlement or violent integration” he pointed out.

Complex package of proposals

Dániel Z. Kárpát stated that Hungary belongs to the Hungarians, so the abandoned rural areas must be repopulated by Hungarian people.  Jobbik’s goal is clear: to develop a political-economic climate for Hungarian people where all individuals who are ready to have children must be given a chance to help Hungary set on a course of prosperity. The problem of depopulation, as Z. Kárpát puts it, cannot be solved by “settling foreigners in Hungary.”

While rejecting the liberal “solution package”, Jobbik offers a comprehensive professional programme. The programme includes, says Z. Kárpát, setting up an independent border guard service and immediately restricting the currently unrestricted refugee hostels. In the long run, refugee camps must be moved out of residential areas, while all available resources must be allocated to law enforcement agencies.

In response to questions from the media, the MP noted that their comprehensive solution package had been prepared earlier; the party submitted countless bills and draft proposals. Jobbik’s concept was reflected in their proposed amendments to the national budget as well. Dániel Z. Kárpát says the coalition of Fidesz and the Christian Democrats does not want an independent border guard service, so Jobbik was “lenient enough” to propose allocating further billions of HUF to the existing border guard units within the police, but this proposal was swept off the table during the debate on the national budget, just like all other amendments proposed by Jobbik.

Photo: MTI


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