Budapest, June 3 (MTI) – The Jobbik party has slammed government tax plans for next year.

János Volner, the party’s deputy leader, said on Friday the planned changes affecting non-wage benefits would discriminate against public sector workers. Private sector employees would be entitled to non-wage benefits for up to 450,00 forints (EUR 1,440) a year but public sector employees would get only 200,000 forints, he told a press conference. Jobbik will demand a constitutional review of this change, he said.

The also government plans to “punish” car owners by increasing excise tax if the price of crude oil falls below 50 dollars per barrel. Instead, people should be allowed to benefit from low world market prices, Volner said.

He also criticised the government plan to allow local councils to increase the tourism tax. This will increase the tax from 300 forints per night to 400 forints and result in further burdens on businesses involved in tourism, he added.



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