(MTI) – Spokeswoman for the radical nationalist Jobbik Dora Duro has dismissed accusations against her party made by Fidesz spokesman Robert Zsigo earlier on Saturday.

Duro told MTI on Saturday that, instead of presenting an election programme or participating in a televised debate of party leaders, Fidesz is trying to discredit Jobbik using “dictatorial methods and lies and hatred reminiscent of the 50s”.

In response to Zsigo, she said Jobbik does not aim for Hungary’s exit from the European Union. Rather the party’s programme envisages a revision or amendment of the accession treaty.

Duro also dismissed the accusations of treason and espionage, arguing that there was no evidence to support the allegations. Jobbik is asking people to take part in Sunday’s vote to show that they reject the “politics of lies and hatred,” she said.

Fidesz spokesman Robert Zsigo said earlier on Saturday that it had become clear in recent weeks that Jobbik is “more dangerous than we thought” because they are calling for Hungary to exit the European Union … and that “they call themselves a nationalist party … but it turns out that there are traitors” among them, referring to Jobbik MEP Bela Kovacs, who is suspected of spying for Russia.

Photo: hetivalasz.hu

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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